David Banner & 9th Wonder’s ‘Death of A Pop Star’ is a True Classic — 4 1/2 Stars

January 2, 2011

A departure from past recordings, David Banner & 9th Wonder’s new release ‘Death Of A Pop Star’, although short, is a classic. From beginning to end, a captivating recording. Past efforts were basically gangster rap. This release leans more toward social issues, which usually makes for more compelling listening than shock value. It also seems to have inklings of religion. Clocking in at only 30 minutes keeps this from 5 stars, but being available for as little as 49 cents a song on eMusic makes it is an excellent value.

Really hard to pick favorites as I like them all. “The Light” and “Strange” are two excellent songs and the first ones I heard. From beginning to end, it sounds very pop-rap. This is not good or bad, it’s just a fact. There may be some who call this selling out. Quality music, such as this, which is passed by with that type of attitude is a loss to the listener. I am for quality recordings and not a purist. “Something is Wrong” is another excellent example of the quality on this album. The bottom line is that ‘Death Of A Pop Star’ has a strong positive message. The collaboration of David Banner with 9th Wonder works well all across the board. If you are looking for entertainment to forget what is driving you crazy, David Banner & 9th Wonder will not disappoint.

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