Sneaker’s Debut Album Reissued

January 7, 2011


Sneaker’s debut album is a sensational under the radar classic. Having the album for years, I purchased this as soon as I found out it was available as a digital download. The stand out song is the single “More Than Just The Two Of Us”, which peaked at #34 in 1981. “Looking For Someone Like You”, reminiscent of the single, is a great example of why this should of been bigger. Songs such as “Millionaire” and “No More Lonely Days” have a more Pop/Rock sound. A song of great interest is the Walter Becker/Donald Fagin penned “Don’t Let Me In”. There really isn’t a song on here that doesn’t work.

Issued several years ago as a japanese import, this 99 cents a song mp3 download available on Amazon is a must have for any 80′s music lover. Formed in Los Angeles, California, Sneaker featured vocalists Mitch Crane, also on guitar, and Michael Carey Schneider on keyboards. Guitarist Tim Torrence, keyboard player Jim King, bassist Michael Cottage, and drummer Mike Hughes round out the lineup. If you are interested in obscure 80′s music, “Sneaker” is a 4 1/2 star reissue. Even more obscure is their second and final release “Loose In The World” from 1982. For your viewing pleasure I have included the video.

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