Thompson Square Releases Self-Titled Debut: A Review

February 16, 2011

The single “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” is a good song and in heavy rotation on country stations. Don’t make an assumption based on this one song. The husband/wife duo of Keifer and Shawna Thompson are considerably deeper than this song suggests. Sure, it’s the kind of song we get on the radio, but the slow starting shortie “One Of Those Days” is a better example of the range of the Thompsons.

Leaning more towards rock, the song “My Kind Of Crazy” has a feel good, upbeat sound to it. The slower “If It Takes All Night”, and the mid tempo rocker “I Don’t Want To Miss You” finds the duo trading vocals and sounding excellent together. I was pleasantly surprised how well the two voices blend together throughout the whole recording.

The strong country sound of “Who Loves You More” with Keifer on lead vocals is a great example of the variety on this debut. The Country/Rock sound of “Getaway Car” is another upbeat sounding song, and the other singleĀ ”Lets Fight” is also in this same vein. It does seem to head in this direction and steer clear of cry in your beer weepers.

“Glass” and “If It Takes All Night” slow things down a bit and Shawna sounds quite nice here. “I Got You” is another blending both voices nicely. “As Bad As It Gets” would make a great single, and one I would want to hear often. “All The Way” with its shuffling beat is my personal favorite. This four star self titled debut by Thompson Square has you thinking they could have long term potential. Keifer, from Miami, Oklahoma is just up the road a piece from me. Shawna is from Chatom, Alabama.

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