Yuck Releases Self-Titled Debut: A Review

February 17, 2011

The debut release from London’s Yuck lives up to its name on only one song. The long, droning “Rubber” has weak vocals by Daniel Blumberg (guitarist) that are lost in a quagmire of mediocrity. It really doesn’t come close to justifying a seven minute plus length. I am glad I continued to listen past that song, as the instrumental “Rose Gives A Lily” delivers some genuinely great guitar moments.

The real gems not to be passed by are the songs “Suicide Policeman”, “Stutter” and “Shook Down”, some very shiny Alternative sounding songs. Another “S” song “Sunday” and yet another is “Suck”, which I will proudly proclaim definitely doesn’t suck.

Vocalist Ilana Blumberg, joining Daniel, sounding snappy and upbeat, sound quite nice singing in unison on the single “Georgia”. The songs “The Wall”,”Getaway” and “Operation” have singing in a fish tank ┬ásounding vocals that may take some getting used to.

One of the rare faster blasters is the song “Holing Out”, adding quite alot to the depth and range of songs I find intriguing. Yuck does a bang up job of keeping the listener from yawning hearing similar sounding songs on the same album. Guitarist Max Bloom has a catchy, edgy, sometimes mellow sound, making for an Alternative sound to be reckoned with. Drummer Jonny Rogoff and bass player Mariko Doi make a solid rhythm section. I am pleased to say another great Alternative release for the young 2011 music scene. Four stars for Yuck. This may be confusing for some to come to the conclusion that Yuck can mean really good.

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