Celtic Thunder’s ‘Heritage’: Ordering a Guinness and Getting a Bud Light

February 24, 2011

Celtic Thunder - HeritageCeltic Thunder is a Dublin, Ireland vocal group comprised of Emmet Cahill (replacing Paul M. Byrom who has gone solo), George Donaldson, Ryan J. Kelly, Keith Harkin, Damian J. McGinty, Jr., and Neil Byrne.

The song “The Dutchman” sets the tone on Celtic Thunder’s new release ‘Heritage’, more like light rain rather than thunder. “Buachaill on Eirne” has a lullaby feel to it. “My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose” has a warm fuzzy feel but doesn’t really heat up like I think it could. “Home From The Sea” does an excellent job blending the voices, and the interesting “plea for guidance” lyrics makes this one of the stronger songs here. “Kindred Spirits” seems bogged down in too much syrup covered sentimentality. “Whiskey In The Jar” and “Black Is The Color” show that the more upbeat songs here work better than the lighter side the band tends to lean towards. One of the better slower songs is “Gold And Silver Days” with good vocal blending and a memorable melody.

“Red Rose Cafe” is a good song, but I would like to hear this with a heavier treatment, and “Noreen”also begs for an edgier sound. It’s like ordering a Guinness and getting a Bud Light. Also suffering from under treatment is the lullaby “Just A Song At Twilight”. This one is so laid back I fell into bed and was snoring. “The Galway Girl” is more upbeat and jolly in a way that leaves you wishing a leprechaun would wave his shelaylee and the whole group of songs would have a more irish pub feel to it. Apparently, that isn’t the sound they are projecting. This is Irish music on the lighter side. Some good moments make this a three star effort. There is simply just too much cabbage with the corned beef.

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