Dropkick Murphys’ New Release ‘Going Out In Style’ Delivers Five Guinness Rating

February 28, 2011

Dropkick Murphys - Going Out In StyleFrom the title track “Going Out In Style” on through, the latest release from Dropkick Murphys continues to deliver more and more. I hoped this would be good. I was stunned at the reality that this is a classic. All the songs here are Five Star classics. I was not only not disappointed, but stunned at the focus here. This is Saint Patricks Day’s crowning moment with no weakness here. A whisky soaked classic form beginning to end.

“Hang ‘em High” is a rock shuffle with a beat — oh yeah, I’m on fire with a Celtic Boom Bitch. “Cruel” is a sing along song throughout, and a great example of what ‘Going Out In Style’ is all about. “Memorial Day” has a nice banjo and guitar sound along with an excellent vocal blend. “The Hardest Mile” is fast and furious from Boston’s best Irish band. “Cruel” has a mid-tempo sing along sound, a common occurence on this release. “Climbing a Chair To a Bed” is Irish chaos wrapped up in a Punk Rock, Guinness bar pour extravaganza. “Broken Hymns” is a solid acoustic effort from the edgy side of the Dropkicks. “Take ‘em Down” has a more acoustic party killer sound —  oh my word, wow, funky, killer harmonica. “Dead Not Words” speaks volumes with the bagpipes in overdrive classic sound that says “Oh Yeah!”

The entire aura of this release is summed up in the song “Sunday Hardcore Matinee” and speaks for itself, and oh how sweet it is. “1953″ has more over-the-top sing along vocals, catchy bagpipes, and a memorable drum beat. “Peg O’ My Heart” says “WOW, we got more of the same classic five star thing going on here!” “The Irish Rover” continues on with the the same quality to finish the release. I have the long standing expertise going on here to say  ”Going Out In Style” by the Dropkick Murphys is a Five Star Guinnness, Saint Patrick’s Day heaven release. The members are: Al Barr (lead vocals), Ken Casey (bass guitar), Matt Kelly (drums, bodhran, vocals), James Lynch (guitar, vocals), Josh “Scruffy” Wallace (bagpipes, tin whistle), Tim Brennan (guitar, accordian, vocals), Jeff DeRosa (acoustic guitar, banjo, bouzouki, keyboard, mandolin, whistle, organ, vocals).

The Dropkick Murphys’ ‘Going Out in Style’ is scheduled for nationwide release tomorrow, Monday, February 28th, 2011.

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