Movie Poster of the Week: ‘From Paris With Love’

March 4, 2011

From Paris With LoveFrom Paris With Love does not look like it would be any good going by the poster. It contains a few flaws when inspecting it more closely. Rhys Meyers is looking as if he’s going at the leisurely pace of a turtle on death row on his side of the car. Travolta on the other hand seems to be flying along with what appears to be a giant torch. Aside from that, there is a sun roof in the car so choosing the more dangerous route of sticking his body out of the side window is just plain excessive.

The question of who is driving is answered by the limp hand on the steering wheel but who is watching the road?

So they have established that it is going to be a completely daft film from the poster alone, but what makes this film certain to be a future Channel 5 post-watershed regular is the tagline:

“Two agents. One City. No Merci.”

Not only is this clearly a case of coming up with the pun before the tagline, but also the tagline before the film.

Larry McCloskey is a writer for The Big Screen as well as a contributing author to A&E Playground.

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