Noah And the Whale’s ‘Last Night On Earth’ to be Released March 8th, 2011: A Review

March 4, 2011

Last Night on Earth - Noah And The Whale“Life is Life” starts Noah and the Whale’s new album ‘Last Night On Earth’ (scheduled to be released March 8th) out with a booming bass beat, a catchy melody, and chanting background vocals at the end. This gets things started with a bang! “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” has a snappy beat that moves this song along at a pretty good clip, as does “Give it all Back” with its more rock guitar sound, as well as “Waiting for My Chance to Come”. These three songs are perfect for anyone with a three minute attention span.

‘Last Night On Earth’, clocking in at 33 minutes, is a great group of songs for those with short attention spans. The single “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.”  has been getting extensive play on BBC1. It’s one of my favorites on here and I indeed think this makes a great single. 

“Wild Thing” slows things down with the “about life” lyricism of much of this group of songs. “Just Before We Met” has a killer bass line and a violin that gets stuck in your head. This is in my opinion the best song here. “Paradise Stars” is a lovely piano instrumental with ambient keyboards in the background. Short and sweet. “The Line” is a midtempo pop keyboard song that is neither heavy or light.

The song “Old Joy” finishes the release. It is a slow song with gospel sounding background vocals. This is definitely a four star effort from Noah and the Whale. There is a good variety of song styles and no filler here. The group from London, England consists of: Noah (vocals, guitar), Tom Hobden (fiddle), Urby Whale (bass), and Fred Abbott (guitar, keyboards).

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