Avril Lavigne’s ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ to be Released March 8th — Acoustic Pop ‘Til You Drop

March 7, 2011

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye LullabyThe latest effort from Avril Lavigne is the very acoustic pop driven Goodbye Lullaby, produced by ex-husband Deryck Whimbley of Sum 41 fame. The  first song, short and bittersweet, is most likely about him. “Black Star” has a memorable melody and is a very fine start. “Push” sets the tone for the rest of the release. Acoustic pop until you drop. Not a lot of electric guitars here. The synths are mostly ambient, giving this a buck-the-trend sound.

The single “What the Hell” has a keyboard beat driven, more vocal sound — a so so song. Actually, one of the least interesting songs here. “Wish You Were Here” continues in the acoustic pop vein, and like most of the songs, doesn’t sound much like the single. “Smile” is a heavier departure with a more electric sound, giving a depth to the entire body of work.

“Stop Standing There” is driven by the beat without overpowering you, pretty much the theme here. “I Love You” is, you guessed it, more acoustic pop. These songs compliment each other and make for a solid grouping of songs. “Everybody Hurts” has a nice beat, and it’s what you get a lion’s share of all the way through. I find this “not like the masses” mentality refreshing. “Not Enough” would indeed make an excellent single. Most of them would after the unfortunate choice of “What the Hell”. It should be easy street for the next few tries. 

“4 Real” is ambient synth washed, snappy acoustic pop, and if I am sounding like a broken record, it is a interesting one. The song I enjoyed immensely, and my favorite song by Avril of all time, is the marvelous “Darlin”. Too good to be a single. The next two songs remind me of the 1969 Bee Gees release Odessa. These have a strings, piano, acoustic, vocal, old school feel to them big time. That would be “Remember When” and “Goodbye”, the latter being about her ex. A nice tribute to growing pains in relationships, albeit sinking ones. “Alice” is an extended version from “Alice In Wonderland”. Pleasant fluff but nothing to sink your teeth into. I am pleased to say overall a strong four star release from a major pop star.

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ releases Tuesday, March 8th, 2011.

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