The Mahones: True North Records Releases Collections From Canada’s Gem

March 13, 2011

Paint The Town Red-Mahones Album Artwork

Canada’s True North Records has released collections containing all off the best songs to hear a glimpse of the edgy Irish Punk band The Mahones. There are two in this category, featuring ‘Paint The Town Red’ with 29 songs and ‘Irish Punk Collection’ with 17 songs. When it comes to value, ‘Paint The Town Red’ has more songs and both collections include some of the same songs. Reissued by True North Records, who also releases incredible music from Bruce Cockburn and is a large player in Canada’s hidden gems being made available.

Canada’s Irish Rovers was looked down on by many as not credible, which is foolish, as I find their songs to be quite enjoyable. The Mahones are no exception. More edgy, but just as under-appreciated, the Mahones are four star listening pleasure. You will not go wrong with anything by them, but ‘Paint The Town Red’ is a very fine example of their body of work. “Drunken Lazy Bastard” and “Dragging the Days” both from ‘Dragging The Days’ are marvelous kick starts to Saint Patricks Day listening, and oh what a party it is. The party is further driven to insanity with the barn burner “Queen and Tequila”. “Is The Bar Open ’til Tomorrow” is also here, along with “One Last Shot”, delivering a lions share of Irish drinking songs. This reissue also includes “Live At The Horseshoe” and “Drunken Night In Dublin.” From the film Dog Park, the songs “Celtic Pride” and “100 Bucks” are also included in this collection. 

The Mahones - The Irish Punk CollectionOf the tracks included on ‘Irish Punk Collection’, “Shake Hands With The Devil”, “Drunken Lazy Bastard”, “Across The USA”, “Celtic Pride”, “Paint The Town Red”, “Is This Bar”, and “The Streets Of New York” are included on both collections. “Drunken Lazy Bastard” is here live — and that is it. If you’re looking for a nice Saint Patrick’s Day party, ‘Paint The Town Red’ is a great idea. The Mahones consist of: Finny McConnell (vocals, guitar, mandolin, and songwriter), Dom “The Bomb” Whelan (drums, vocals), Katie McConnell (accordion, vocals), Sean Winter (banjo, harmonica, mandolin, vocals), Sean “Riot” Ryan (bass, vocals).

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