The Mahones Entire Catalogue Released by True North Records

March 14, 2011

With Saint Patrick’s Day fast approaching, here is a crash course in The Mahones. True North Records has reissued the entire catalogue of the Canadian, Irish Punk Band.

‘The Hellfire Club Sessions’ (1999) is my favorite with a four and 1/2 star rating. Some find this not rowdy enough, like their more edgy work. I find the stark contrast to their other offerings to be part of the charm. “Savage Blues” has a bass that vibrates your entire being, with the swirling organ doing wonders as well. “Shake Hands With the Devil” has a hot accordion and a heavy sound for this recording. A slower song with great bass is “Another Night” with gorgeous mandolin playing. The electric “Heaven” and “When it Comes Around” are great songs for lovers of how The Mahones are “supposed” to sound. 

‘The Black Irish’ (2009) is the most recent release and has two drinking songs, “The Ghost of a Whiskey Devil” and “Whiskey Under the Bridge”. “Lord of the Dirty Hordes” is a strong track to sink your teeth into. “A Pain From Yesterday” is quite a barn burner with a freaky whistle in there whoostling. The leadoff tune ”A Great Night on the Lash” gets things started right out of the gate. Four stars.

‘Take No Prisoners’ (2006) tracks “Nancy Whiskey” and “Whiskey In A Jar” are songs you may have heard before, and pretty darn good versions we have here. “Out of Control” pretty much is what it says. It has a “knife though you” feel to it. “The Weight of the World” with the “talking guitar old school sound” has really got it going on — one of the best Mahones songs of all. “A Little Bit of Love” and “Night Train to Paris” are great songs with a lighter touch. Four stars.

‘Here Comes Lucky’ (2001) ”Whiskey Devils”,’”Queen And Tequila”, and “One Last Shot”, the first song, are your must have drinking songs — Oh yeah Koolaid pitcher man is not in the building. This would really not be the CD to play at a drug treatment center or AA meeting. Also in the party mode is the song “Raise Your Hands,” which makes this an all time classic in party music. Four stars.

‘Draggin’ The Days’ (1994) starts off with a drinking song, “A Drunken Night In Dublin”. There is “Drunken Lazy Bastard” followed by “Empty Bottles”, the marvelous after the party song creating a lovely ending. “Across the USA” is about as funky as acoustic could be and a major high point. “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” and “Star of the County Down” are old school Irish tunes done quite excellently here. Four stars.

‘Rise Again’ (1996) starts out with a nice bass and a raging Celtic sound. This is a really good instrumental. “Paint The Town Red” is a very strong song, as is “Streets Of New York” and “100 Bucks”. “Down The Boozer” is the lone drinking song and perhaps they were off the wagon on this recording, henceforth a huge reduction of party tunes. The fleabag motel feel of “One Star Hotel” is also very compeling listening. Four stars.

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