Did Howard Stern Get the Johnny Carson Deal — A Three Day Work Week?

March 22, 2011

The following article comes from Tom Taylor’s newsletter, Taylor on Radio-Info.

Howard Stern - Rolling StoneHoward’s new cover-of-Rolling Stone interview has him saying this – “Right now my schedule is pretty much the same as it’s always been”, which is the live morning-drive shift on Monday through Thursday. Then Friday off. But he wants more – more time off. Stern tells interviewer Neil Strauss “…as time rolls on, I’ll probably do about three shows a week.” That’s what “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson was doing, in the last years of his contract with NBC television. One difference – Carson used guest hosts, a whole cast of them, to offer fresh shows when he was away. But there’s only one Howard Stern, and Howard’s show is…Howard. Demian Russian at SatelliteRadioPlayground.com picks up on the schedule change in the Rolling Stone interview.

Will it matter to Stern’s fans, or affect Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) subscriptions? Probably not much. There’s one area where Stern and Carson are different, though. Johnny enjoyed tennis and sailing his boat. Howard is more of a workaholic and has created lots of other projects. Does the shrinking number of workdays mean Stern’s getting less money under his new five-year contract? Maybe not. Maybe Mel Karmazin gave a little in the negotiations in terms of airtime, while keeping Stern’s pay about the same (though minus the stock payments of the original five-year deal). Check out excerpts of the Rolling Stone interview here.

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