Johnny Depp Stars in ‘The Rum Diary’

March 29, 2011

Johnny DeppThe Rum Diary is an adaptation of a novel written by Hunter S. Thompson in the early 1960’s, but wasn’t published until 1998. Depp plays the leading character in the movie and it’s the second film he’s starred in that was written by Hunter S. Thompson, the first being Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998). The film also stars Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli, Richard Jenkins, Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi.

Depp formed a close friendship with Thompson during the making of Fear and Loathing. Thompson, who died in Feb 2005, is credited as being the founding Father of Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting in which the reporter is so deeply immersed in the action to an extent where they become the central characters in their own stories.

The Rum Diary is slated for a release in the prime fall season, October 28th. The film has been anticipated for many years and Depp was actually honored by Thompson during their friendship on the production of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, when he was shown a copy of the novel before it had even been published. Producer Graham King said, “I am extremely proud to bring this novel to film and to honor Hunter’s legacy.” 

The story takes place in the 1950’s and centers around a journalist named Paul Kemp, who moves to Puerto Rico from New York to work for a major newspaper. It is a tangled web of love, jealousy, treachery and violent alcoholic lust between the Americans who work for the newspaper.

Thompson was only 22 when he wrote The Rum Diary, but it deals extensively with a fear of going over the hill and growing old. The main characters are typical of Thompson’s work, violent, alcoholic and maniacal. Thompson wrote it in a fast paced and exciting style, as he did with all his novels.

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