Colin Hay’s ‘Gathering Mercury’: A Review

April 5, 2011

Colin Hay - Gathering Mercury

The new release from Colin Hay of Men At Work fame, ‘Gathering Mercury’, kicks off with ”Send Somebody”. It’s a really good start and a fine example of Colin Hay on the lighter side. It’s also a great sounding song! “Family Man” starts out mellow with a more rock sound further into the song. “Invisible” has an even more rock sound with a pretty nice sounding beat. “Dear Father” is a lullaby for dear old Dad with some really good acoustic guitar playing, but it’s slightly boring. “Gathering Mercury”, the title song, is a better mellow song with a light breezy feel to it. “Half a Million Angels” is a beautiful song and is a shining example of the quality of songs you will find by Colin. 

“Far From Home” is a reggae flavored song in a vein he has done before, but not sounding repetitious to long time fans who have heard  his other solo efforts. “Where the Sky is Blue” has some gorgeous acoustic guitar playing and a sunny hope flowing through it. “A Simple Song” is a reflective, drifting type of song with some great percussion here. “Goodnight Romeo” features some more great acoustic guitar playing, perhaps the best on this release. I like the celtic sounding wheezing in the background. A four star listening experience. Colin Hay does not disappoint, and this is no exception.

Colin Hay’s ‘Gathering Mercury’ is an excellent example of the huge values on Emusic. Emusic plus cost $14.99 a month for a $2.00 bonus, giving you $16.99 in buying power. With all songs on this release being .49 cents, and nothing over .89 cents on Emusic, this is the best deal out there. The songs are yours to keep. The only downside is that the bonus tracks, with 4 songs of stripped versions, are available only on the CD limited edition — It’s like $13.00 for that version on Amazon. The huge discount makes this worth it.

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