Low Releases ‘C’mon’: A Review

April 16, 2011

Low - C'mon - reviewLow may not put Duluth, Minnesota on the Alternative Rock map, but they are an excellent group worth looking into. I have been into their unique sound for several years. With the song “Try To Sleep” being free on Amazon, there is no reason not to give them a whirl. While you’re at it, get your five gig cloud player from Amazon. Warning: You may find yourself going bonkers for Low. This song has some great drums on it.

“$20″ is an unusual song which is captivating in that it makes not much sound like something. “You See Everything” is a lovely song and I dig this one quite a lot.”Something’s Turning Over” has acoustic guitars which is not common on Low recordings. I dig this one big time and it’s my favorite track here.

“Especially Me” has a strong vocal performance by Mimi Parker along with excellent percussion by her as well. “Witches” has a new twist for Low, which would be a slow easy banjo, and another example of the great guitars you should come to expect from Low. “Nightingale” is an excellent example of the stellar vocal blending on this release. A very lovely song from Low is in the building.

“Nothing But Heart” is a long song which is another thing Low is known for. Long, rambling interesting songs. Mellow, yet grinding. The Low you may come to love. A nice foray into slide guitar is featured here. “Majesty-Magic” has more great vocal blending. Starting out light to build into a frenzy is classic Low and a trademark you will also learn to love. “Done” has a vocal focus with ambient music. The range of this release is all over the place and works well. A great four and a half star recording.

Low is: Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals). Steve Garrington (bass) is the latest addition to the group. Low reportedly does not like the term “Slowcore” for their music. Being pioneers of this sound, I guess they have the right. I think Alternative Rock works better. Similar husband and wife, other bass player group Yo La Tengo is another great Alternative Rock group you may like.

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