Actors Against Gravity: No Reservations

April 19, 2011

No Reservations - movieFull marks to Catherine Zeta-Jones for overcoming the stigma that surrounds mental illness and announcing that she had been receiving treatment for bipolar disorder.

Sadly her one time co-star Aaron Eckhart chooses to suffer in silence.

The list of actors suffering from the Earth’s gravity continues to grow. The condition first diagnosed in Matthew McConaughey is becoming endemic to weak Hollywood romantic comedies. Steve Carell, Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Richard Gere have now all joined McConaughey in his semi-horizontal life.

Eckhart’s problem may go unnoticed at first in the poster for 2007′s No Reservations - a film lauded by The Independent as “fantastically smug and boring”. However, if you crack out a ruler, draw a completely vertical line through the centre of his legs to the top of his head and then use a protractor to measure the disturbing angle at which he was standing.

By my own calculation, he is about 8 degrees from standing vertically.

An insignificant amount that many will sneer at, but that kind of ignorance will mean that actors in romcom posters are eternally destined to struggle at the hands of gravity. 

Have you seen an actor suffering from gravity? Perhaps they have too much or too little — either way it is a serious problem. If you do then email us at

Together we can overcome gravity.

Larry McCloskey is a writer for The Big Screen as well as a contributing author to A&E Playground.

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