Gorillaz Releases ‘The Fall’: A Review

April 19, 2011

Gorillaz - The FallThe latest release from the Alternative Rock group Gorillaz is titled ‘The Fall’. “Phoner To Arizona” says mega funky from the get go. The talking keyboards are an interesting touch. The flying saucers are in high gear on this song. “Revolving Doors” has a really good acoustic guitar sound with a funky beat the Gorillaz are known for, with a funky synth sound kicking in after awhile. The first part of “Hillbilly Man” and two thirds of the rest of the song don’t even sound like the same song. It’s like getting two songs in one. “Joplin Spider” is also like two songs in one. “Detroit” is a funky electronic instrumental that has a mesmerizing keyboard melody. “Shytown” has more of the electronic sound the Gorillaz tend to gravitate toward. The sound on the headphones is quite intriguing. 

“Little Plastic Bags” conjures up images of a windy day and ornaments courtesy of Wally’s World. This is a freaky electronic song with a strange ambient background along with a funky beat. “The Parish Of Space Dust” is an okay song about Texas, but nothing spectacular. The instrumental “The Snake In Dallas” and “Amarillo” are both funky and the latter is the best one to me of these Texas songs. “The Speak It Mountains” is a vocal mishmash with more spaceships and keyboard without a beat. “Aspen Forest” is an instrumental with an interesting complexity. “Bobby In Phoenix” has an excellent acoustic guitar sound and a soulful R&B vocal sound with gorgeous keyboards. “California & the Slipping Of the Sun” is a mellow, strange song that doesn’t have a beat until it’s nearly over. This is a strong four star release.

Gorillaz members are Damon Albarn (vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, melodica), Jamie Hewlett (illustration, visuals, FX), Mike Smith (keyboards) Cass Browne, (drums, percussion)

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