Charlie Sheen’s High-Speed Police Escort Under Investigation

April 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen Police EscortCharlie Sheen wins again! The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department were certainly helping the controversial actor to win last Tuesday night, April 19th, by providing Sheen with a high speed escort from Dulles International Airport to downtown Washington to help him get to his scheduled performance at the DAR Constitution Hall on time. Sheen was running late to the performance after spending longer than expected at a child-custody dispute hearing with ex-wife Brooke Mueller at an L.A. courtroom earlier in the day. As soon as the hearing concluded, Sheen rushed back to Washington, D.C. on his private plane, but was still running about an hour late.

Somehow Sheen managed to secure a special police V.I.P. escort, normally reserved for heads of state, to help him get to his performance at the DAR Hall at 1776 D Street NW on time. The full police escort, which at times approached 80 mph, included blaring sirens, flashing lights, and multiple street closings. While he was being rushed through the streets of Washington by the police escort, Sheen sent a message on his iPhone via Twitter describing the situation and posted a photo taken inside the police escort SUV as well. The photo clearly shows the speedometer registering 80 mph as well as the lead police car in front with lights blazing. 


In car with police escort in front and rear! Driving like someone’s about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights #Spinning!

– Charlie Sheen via Twitter

Charlie Sheen Police Escort


In spite of the high-speed police escort provided Sheen, he still was close to an hour late showing up on stage for the scheduled performance. “I just landed. We had a police escort and we ran more red lights than Brooke Mueller heading to a pawn shop,” Sheen said on his arrival.

Washington, D.C. City Councilman Phil Mendolson was the first to complain to Police Chief Cathy Lanier regarding Sheen’s unprecedented special treatment by the city’s police department. Lanier was apparently unaware that the police escort had been provided to Sheen. The department’s internal affairs unit has now opened up an official investigation into the situation. ”The incident was brought to our attention and MPD Internal Affairs is investigating the incident,” said department spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump.

Charlie Sheen is scheduled to perform tonight, Friday, April 22nd, in Tampa Bay, Florida at the St. Pete Times Union as part of his Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option Tour.

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2 Responses to Charlie Sheen’s High-Speed Police Escort Under Investigation

  1. Me on April 23, 2011 at 6:45 am

    I used to watch movies with Sheen in them, I used to whatch that TV show he was in called “Men”. I never could really figure out why his characters were alsways so shallow, I mean the guy did have some acting ability I thought at least for a while. I don’t any more because of his antics now.

    I thought in his earlier years as an actor, and looking at his earlier career movies, that his characters were a little “shallow” but I attributed it to him simply being inexperienced in his earlier years. Then came bigger movies, and I see that he was always opposite another actor that could put some depth into their character and by doing so made Sheen fit in as the opposite type of character that was more shallow. However, his antics today reveal just why his characters were always shallow, it’s because he was not acting, but rather was being himself as the shallow self-centered, drug and alcohol addled, and egotistical, person we see rampaging through the media today.

    Someone just needs to put Sheen out of his “acting career” misery, he’s made himself poison as far as acting is concerned. All this idiot is suceeding in doing is proving what others have said about him being an alcoholic, drug addict, self-centered, and not really worth much as a person. Seriously Sheen, get a grip man, get some help, and leave the rest of us alone and free from your delusional rantings. Winning my ass, looser more like it.

  2. [...] is currently touring the country on his Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option [...]