Norio Ohga: Father of the CD Dies at 81

April 23, 2011

Nori Ohga - Sony

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) announced today that its former President and Chairmen, Norio Ohga, had died at the age of 81 from multiple organ failure.

I will never forget in 1985 the way I almost cried when I heard Chariots of Fire on CD. The sound was amazing to me. It is sad to hear that Norio Ohga, the father of the CD, has passed on, but he has made the music world a better place.

People do not understand what a huge improvement over analog recordings the CD was, particularily over time as remastering took hold. If you listen to a digital download today you are part of his legacy.

By redefining Sony as a company encompassing both hardware and software, Ohga-san succeeded where other Japanese companies failed. It is no exaggeration to attribute Sony’s evolution beyond audio and video products into music, movies and games, and subsequent transformation into a global entertainment leader to Ohga-san’s foresight and vision. I offer my deepest condolences on his passing and pray that he may rest in peace.

– Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer

In 1985, when I first got a CD player there was not alot of choices. Today, because of Norio Ohga, the world is a far better place in a transition from analog to digital. The music world should morn. I know I will. A record in 1985 was okay, but even with the mastering being so so at the time, it is still a vast improvement over clicks, pops, and cracks. The music world has lost an icon.

Ohga continued to be a Sony Senior Advisor up until the time of his death.

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