Steve Miller Band – ‘Let Your Hair Down’: A Review

April 23, 2011

Steve Miller Band - 'Let Your Hair Down'The Steve Miller Band’s new release Let Your Hair Down starts out with “Snatch It Back And Hold It” showcasing possibly the finest blues harp on the recording, which is also strong throughout this release. That’s harmonica for the uninformed. The rhythm guitar is really good also. “I Got Love If You Want It” is a pretty good song with excellent swirling lead guitar. This one will grow on you. “Just A Little Bit” is a song with more strong harmonica and rhythm guitar. “Close Together” is a stick-together-so-the-world-don’t-get-us type of song with some really hot guitar delivered by Steve Miller here.

“No More Doggin” finds more stellar lead guitar playing, showing Miller in fine form delivering an excellent “I am leaving you” song. “Pretty Thing” is a bluesy harmonica, “oh you sweet thing” blues song. I like the shuffling beat. “Can’t Be Satisfied” is an excellent swamp dobro blues song. Steve is looking for his baby to come home. There is a lot of that going on in blues songs.”Sweet Home Chicago” is a tribute to a hotbed for blues music. The blues harp is in fine form. 

“Love The Life I Live” is a fine version of the Willie Dixon song with more great guitar and vocals from Steve. “The Walk” is a blues dance song with a darn good lead guitar. This track along with others features a vocalist other than Steve Miller. “When Things Go Wrong” is a blues song covered by many musicians over the years. This version features a mighty fine honkin’ harmonica. “I Ain’t Got You Here” is a tragic “I have it all but the one I love” blues song. Short and sweet. “Tell Me What’s The Reason” finds more mighty fine guitar playing from Steve. Another song in the long blues list about “I don’t understand that woman.” “Driftin’ Blues”, an aimless wondering through life type song is an okay track, but not one of the stronger ones found here. This is a solid four star recording from The Steve Miller Band.

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