Mike and The Mechanics Release ‘The Road’: A Review

April 28, 2011

Mike + the Mechanics - The RoadWith two new vocalists, UK’s R&B vocal sensation Andrew Roachford and Canadian-born (now residing in the UK) Tim Howar, there is a fresh new sound for Mike + The Mechanics. ”Background Noise” starts things off with a silky smooth vocal delivery. Excellent guitar playing begins here and is found on several tracks. “Heaven Doesn’t Care” starts out slow to build nicely into a chiseled in stone Mike + the Mechanics instant classic. “Hunt You Down” is a really good “I am going to get your love” type of song. The organ and drums stand out on this one. There is also an excellent guitar solo.

“I Don’t Do Love” has that  Mike + the Mechanics feel to it that can be done by no other. This is my favorite cut on the release. “It Only Hurts For Awhile” should be a hit in Europe or the UK. It seems quite a shame the airplay has evaporated in the USA. They are in fine form here. “Oh No” features an intriguing beat. Is there anything not very good here? The answer is no. “Reach Out” has a captivating keyboard sound with more great vocals. The title track “The Road” has some great lead guitar on it. You could find repeated listening may be in order. Pretty nice beat also. 

“Try To Save Me” has simply got an catchy infectious sound with more great guitar and lead vocals.”Walking on Water” is a great Pop/Rock sounding song. “You Can Be” has some great percussion on it and an awesome vocal performance, as is on the entire release. A really nice Rock sound here with another stellar guitar solo, perhaps the best one on here. I enjoyed this immensely and am giving it four and one half stars.

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