Movie Poster of the Week: The Thing With Two Heads

April 28, 2011

The Thing With Two Heads - film - movieIn some rooms men meet together to change the world. In others, they meet to produce some of the most gloriously awful B-Movie ideas of all time. With a concept to rival that of Surf Nazis Must Die! (1987) comes The Thing With Two Heads (1972).

The film is a relatively simple idea that is easily summarised by the tagline:

They transplanted a white bigot’s head onto a soul brother’s body!

It stars Rosey Grier, a former American football star, as a death row inmate who takes up an offer to participate in a secret medical experiment to avoid the electric chair. It has everything that can be expected from a B-Movie horror with a blaxploitation twist. There is no end to the jive, choppers, guns and puns!

“More power to you, brother!” says a black prison guard, as he is about to flick the switch on the electric chair, being one of the finer moments. Though whilst other moments of racial banters may seem ill judged, particularly when the bigoted head cries “What are you gonna have for dessert? Watermelon?!”. It is hard not to say that this film is incredibly entertaining (and disturbingly surreal for a Wednesday morning). It is worth a watch alone for the seamless switches between the prosthetic heads and the actors squeezing alongside each other in their costume.

Larry McCloskey is a writer for The Big Screen as well as a contributing author to A&E Playground. 


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