Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Performed by Katy Perry: Video

April 30, 2011

Katy Perry performing Rebecca Black's song "Friday"Katy Perry performed Rebecca Black’s popular song “Friday” in a concert performance at the Rod Laver Arena last night in Melbourne, Australia. Proving just how popular Rebecca Black’s song has become after the YouTube video for “Friday” recently went viral, the Melbourne crowd instantly recognized the song and began to sing along, even knowing exactly when to yell “yeah” and throw their hands in the air.

After performing the song Katy Perry exclaimed to the audience, “I’m so glad that someone wrote a song about Friday — finally!” She then asked the audience, “Who was that?”

While Katy Perry had also performed in Melbourne on Thursday night, she did not perform the song “Friday” fittingly until her Friday night performance. This was the first time Perry has ever performed Black’s song in concert. Katy Perry continues performing in Australia over the weekend, as part of the Australian leg of her California Dreams world tour, but there is no word yet if she will be performing the song over the weekend or only on Fridays.

In light of such a positive reaction from the Melbourne audience last night to Katy Perry’s interpretation of Rebecca Black’s popular song, Perry is expected to repeat her performance of “Friday” on coming concert dates of her current tour — especially during the performances which fall on Friday.

Rebecca Blacks song “Friday” became an internet sensation after going viral on YouTube recently, seemingly because of how bad people thought it was. Many of the video’s viewers left critical comments, but Black subsequently began receiving multiple death threats. The Anaheim, California Police Department took these death threats towards the 13-year-old singer very seriously and recently launched an official investigation.

Rebecca Black seems to be taking all of this in stride and continues making frequent public appearances, recently being spotted on the red carpet at the Hollywood premier of Disney’s new movie ‘Prom’ and in Las Vegas last night attending the MTV O Music Awards. Blacks seems to be enjoying her overnight stardom, but says she still feels uncomfortable when being recognized by fans on the street. ”It’s kind of awkward, because I’ll be walking and I’ll have no makeup on, and I just don’t look good, so they’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re Rebecca Black!’ and I’m like, ‘Ummm yes!’”, explained Black.

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