Bill Murray to Play FDR

May 5, 2011

Bill MurrayIt’s just been confirmed that Bill Murray will play the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the upcoming historical drama called, Hyde Park On Hudson.

The film, based on a British radio play, is set in the summer of 1939. The original play was written by Richard Nelson and centers on a weekend visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to then President Franklin D. Roosevelt at his upstate New York home called Springwoord, and is located, you guessed it, near Hyde Park On Hudson.

Details of Roosevelt’s private life, one of which is eyebrow raising, are slowly revealed throughout the King and Queen’s weekend visit as the story gradually unfolds.

The director of Notting Hill (1999), Roger Michell will direct and produce the story along with David Aukin and Kevin Loader. Richard Nelson has written the script with the help of UK production company Film4. 

It has been leaked by various sources that Bill Murray has been the hot favorite for the FDR role for the past year, but because Murray has no agent, reaching him is often difficult at best.

Filming will begin in July.

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