Brendan Fraser to Play William Tell in 3D

May 5, 2011

Brendan FraserThe upcoming family action film William Tell: 3D, will see Brendan Fraser play the title character. Til Schweiger is set to play a feared local dignitary, Hermann Gessler. Anna Paquin is in discussions to play the role of Tell’s wife.

William Tell was a 14th century marksman and folk hero in Switzerland. After refusing to bow to a local ruler, he was then made to publicly shoot an apple from the top of his sons head as punishment. Needless to say, Tell did this successfully and his act of defiance in the face of authority gave way for the formation of modern Switzerland.

The film will be directed by Nick Hurran, produced by Todd Moyer and the script is written by Scott Reynolds. Much of the filming will take place on location in Switzerland itself and at Castel Studios in Romania. Filming is slated to begin on Oct 1.

Producer Todd Moyer said, “There is no other actor who is more perfectly suited to be the patriot and family man that is William Tell,” he added, “Brendan was the driving force behind the movie being shot in 3D. He’s a witty, charming and very likeable action hero, and he really anchors the ensemble cast.”

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