‘Fast Five’ Movie Tops Box Office and…

May 6, 2011
Fast Five - movie
…Memphis Car Audio is probably laughing all the way to the bank as it is a product “partner” for the movie.

Fast Five is the fifth movie in the Fast and Furious series of car tuner/racing/Vin Diesel flicks. And while some of the films tanked, Fast Five became a smash hit at the box office this last weekend, with The New York Times proclaiming that the film’s box office take “rocked Hollywood.”

The film grossed $84 million in the biggest opening of the year “by far,” said the Times. 

A Memphis Car Audio sound system appears in a car in the last scene. And there are plenty of motorcycle helmets during the movie from Memphis’ sister company, Fulmer Helmets.

Memphis is sponsoring a contest giving away the same sound system shown in the movie and many car stereo dealers have teamed up with local movie theaters to promote the movie. Looks like everyone involved got their money’s worth.

See the movie trailer below:



William Damsky is a Contributing Editor at CEoutlook.

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