The Cars – ‘Move Like This’ Releases May 10th: A Review

May 9, 2011

The Cars - Move Like ThisIs The Cars getting back together after so long a good idea? You better believe it is baby! The Cars’ new release Move Like This kicks off with”Blue Tip” and right away shows an excellent example. The guitars and synthesizers sound great together on this tune. “Too Late” features spaceship keyboards and jangling rock guitars. This is another strong song that finds The Cars in the now and compelling in the process.

“Keep on Knocking” could just as well have been called “Keep on Rocking” because it really rocks! “Soon” builds slowly and is simply another darn good song that is also interesting. “Sad Song” really sounds like The Cars. Not bad, but not a great song. It could be I like the other songs more making this dead in the water. “Free”  is a rockin’ tune with some pretty slick sounding synthesizers and straight forward guitars. 



“Drag on Forever” features jangling bell percussion and rock guitars. Another great song is in the building folks. The Cars are back! “Take Another Look” with its laid back percussion and pop guitar is another really fine song. Although not earth shattering, it’s pretty good. On “It’s Only”, ”it’s only Rock until you drop” is the theme here. ”Hits Me” is more rock and roll — The Cars’ style. On this track, sounding like The Cars is wonderful. An excellent finish to a summer cruise release. Anyone who is a longtime fan of The Cars should be doing cartwheels now. Although not a five star homerun, it’s easily four and one half stars. Check this one out.

The Cars new release Move Like This hits the streets tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10th.

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