Curb Releases Hank Williams III’s ‘Hillbilly Joker’ Much to His Chagrin

May 17, 2011

Hank Williams III - Hillbilly JokerIt is obvious on the new release Hillbilly Joker that Hank Williams III is making Steve Earle’s rebellion against Nashville look like kindergarten. This nearly all Punk Rock or Cowpunk recording is easily Hank III’s most radical studio recording. Known for Punk Rock tendencies live, in the past there were country sounds on his studio recordings. Not this time around. The title song starts out heavy and they get more radical if nothing else. “I’m Drunk Again” is hard to rip as it is a pretty darn good song regardless of the sound. The vocal range is quite jaw dropping on this cut. “Life of Sin” has a quirky beat and chanting Punk Rock vocals. The megaphone vocals obliterate any country influence this may have.

“10 Feet Down” finds Hank III getting even heavier at this point. Strange Punk Rock vocals and an unusual beat will have most Country Music fans running from the room. “Pistol Packin’” is another raunchy heavy guitar song. More like Death Metal than Country. “Tennessee Driver” is slightly less louder than most of the songs, but not much. “MFJ” could be Hank III’s most Punk Rock studio song to date. Chock one up for one of a kind on this one. 

“Now He’s Dead” has a morbid sound. I like it, but it is strange. “Drink It, Drug It” has more megaphone vocals, but the guitars have a sound that is really unique. There are weird sounds in this song also. “Hellbilly” features a psycho donkey in the song, and quite alot of him. I will give this four stars, and kudos to Hank III for sheer creativity. I plan on putting these songs in my Alternative iPod. Recorded in the early 2000′s Hank III does endorse consumer buying of it and does not want Curb records to profit due to bitter battle.

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One Response to Curb Releases Hank Williams III’s ‘Hillbilly Joker’ Much to His Chagrin

  1. Gillian on May 17, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    This isn’t new actually, he recorded about 10 years ago and Curb didn’t release it. They went through a hellacious court battle and now that Hank III is free from Curb they’re releasing it. Booooo.

    Hank III says “Don’t buy it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.”

    For more info go to