Brad Paisley – ‘This is Country Music’: A Review

May 26, 2011

Brad Paisley - This is Country MusicIt may be Brad Paisley is too good on the guitar. Never shy about doing blazing hot solos, they are in abundance on his brand new album This is Country Music. He really does shine on “Eastwood” which features Clint Eastwood. Western it is, and features a jaw dropping solo in the middle of the song. “Ole Alabama” which is one of the singles, is a nod to, and features Alabama. This is a good choice for a single. The three best songs probably won’t be, but they are worth purchasing. The song  ”Camouflage” shows the artist in a playful mood wearing camo as a fashion statement with a female chorus. Also “Be the Lake” is a coy way of appreciation for the opposite sex. “Working on a Tan” may seem superficial, but would staying inside in the summer be more acceptable? I should say not.

“Love her Like She’s Leaving” with Don Henley seems mainstream, but it gets good in this case. “Remind Me” is good, but more marketing than a must have. Featuring Carrie Underwood and riddled with Nashville hype, it’s just okay and not a favorite. The Blake Shelton featured “Don’t Drink the Water” is more intriguing and the solos are here in a fine fashion. “I Do Now” has a romantic feel Brad Paisley Style. There is a fishing guitar battle going on. He is a hopeless romantic at heart.

“A Man Don’t Have to Die” is not a positive song, but when down it does have a light. “New Favorite Memory” does have a special “here and now” love feeling to it. “Toothbrush” is the “get it together for a first impression” type of song I find refreshing. “Life’s Railway to Heaven” is the real country deal from Brad, showing he can indeed be traditional with the best of them. Nice banjo here with gospel influence. “It’s Been One of Those Lives” is a great tribute to the down and out. “This is Country Music” is another single and is great fun. We’ve all been here more than we want to, the choices are? This is easily four stars and an enjoyable listen.

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2 Responses to Brad Paisley – ‘This is Country Music’: A Review

  1. kevincorcoranjr on May 31, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    The new album keeps me (the listener) interested the entire way through! After hearing a sad and meaningful song.. he jumps right back in with a fun, quirky number that brings your mood right back up! He puts you through a musical and emotional roller coaster.. making the listening experience an enjoyably great time!

  2. Arina Sizemore on June 2, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Brad Paisley is responsible for me starting to like country music. And now with this new album he proves over again that he is by far one of the best country musicians!