Kate Bush Releases ‘Director’s Cut’: A Review

May 26, 2011

If you think redoing some of the best of her recent work is not a good idea, give this a listen. “Song of Solomon” has always been one of her best recent songs. Different percussion and vocals are noticeable on all of these songs. The background vocals have an interesting depth on this song, and I found myself loving it all over again. “Lily” has a great beat, and has a poetic introduction. The buzzing guitar has a unique intrigue to it. Kate yowls on the vocals at the end here.

“Top of the City” has excellent piano playing by Kate, but what really makes this interesting is the crashing cymbals. “Never Be Mine” features more great piano playing with some nice sounding guitar on here as well. This is stretched out over a minute more on this version. “This Woman’s Work” is nearly 3 minutes longer. This features a keyboard instead of piano and is turned into an epic. “And So Is Love” has a less prominent shuffling beat that allows the guitar come out more. “The Red Shoes” is transformed with a likable, quirky beat which sounds a lot different.

“Rubberband Girl” finds Kate delaying the beat 30 seconds and starting out singing with guitar. On the original the beat starts out right away. The Celtic flavored “Flower of the Mountain” is a wonderful addition to these songs. This one I had not heard before.”Deeper Understanding” has a shuffling beat and tacks on nearly two more minutes. “Moments of  Pleasure” has mostly nuance differences, but is still great. I will say four stars on this one. I think it is a credible reworking of some possibly overlooked songs.

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