Owl City — ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’: A Review

June 15, 2011


Owl City - All Things Bright and BeautifulAdam Young aka Owl City may not put Owatonna, Minnesota on the map, but has a place in this world putting out songs of life and wonder. “The Real World” starts the latest release ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’¬†out well. The keyboards and drum machines are as good as we think they should be. “Deer in the Headlights” is Adam’s take on love and it looks right on target to me. “Angels” is another example showing Owl City is as good as anything out there right now. These would all be pleasant singles.

“Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust” is a very nice keyboard song with the beat pretty nice as usual. “Honey and the Bee” is an acoustic song with the drum machine putting out a pretty good beat. This is an excellent song with a different sound. “Kamikaze” has the beat and keyboard sounding pretty nice on this song like most of them do. “January 28, 1986″ is a tribute to the Space Shuttle explosion. “Galaxies” is easily a place Owl City has no trouble exploring. There is one darn good song and yet another catchy song.

“Hospital Flowers” is a bizarre song that has a way of getting into your head and staying there awhile. “Alligator Sky” Is a nice sounding song with rapping on it. It’s pretty good but not one of my favorites. “The Yacht Club” has a Pop sensibility that Proves there is still great songs not overproduced. The lyrics are sadly funny about love. Adam I agree whole heartedly. Quite compelling and catchy in the process. “Plant Life” puts a finishing touch on a mighty fine release. Yes, there are great keyboards and a good beat. The world is a wonderful and frightening place and Owl City will explain it nicely lyrically. Four Plus Plus stars.

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One Response to Owl City — ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’: A Review

  1. Leah on June 16, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Thanks for the review! I love your point about the love lyrics. They’re so charming (“Got a sense I was not her type / By the black eye and bloody nose… / But I guess that’s the way it goes”) Also, I’m pretty sure this is the only review of this album that isn’t extreme mindless bashing and then, yet again, comparing Owl City to The Postal Service. :I (I mean, really, “Mr. Snaps”, of esweetslryics? This CD deserves a 3?)