Charlie: An Obscure Band to Explore

June 20, 2011

CharlieMaybe you have heard the song “It’s Inevitable”. If you haven’t, give it a whirl. Available for viewing on YouTube, the video has a great pie fight. A band that should have been much bigger, Charlie is worth a listen. Terry Thomas, if you don’t know the name, co-wrote and produced the Brian Howe era Bad Company. Being more Pop-Jazz-Rock, the release from 2009 ‘Kitchens of Distinction’ does indeed sound more like the Bad Company Brian Howe era than prior Charlie releases. Sounding more Rock on the early recordings, Charlie has a pretty varied sound over several releases. It is such a shame they got ripped off by the debacle of the Renassance Records bankrupcy. Available on Rhapsody and extensively on eMusic, they are available for a reasonable price.

“S%*&# TV” is funny stuff off ‘Kitchens of Distinction’. “Everything’s Safer Than Love” from In ‘Pursuit of Romance’ is another excellent example of how good Charlie is. Be aware of another dance group named Charlie as a completely different group. The Brian Howe Bad Company releases ‘Holy Water’ and ‘Dangerous Age’ are two really great works to explore as well. “She Loves to be in Love” from ‘Lines’ is another example of great Charlie music.

One of the most startling facts of all is the band’s lack of success in their homeland England. Although not a hugh success anywhere, they were more popular in the USA than in England. If some Pop-Jazz-Rock of quality and just plain Rock is of interest to you, give Charlie a try. They deserve better than not much or no airplay at all. See and hear them in fine form in the included YouTube video.

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