Weird Al Yankovic’s New Release ‘Alpocalypse’: A Review

June 20, 2011

Weird Al Yankovic’s new release ‘Apocalypse’ hits the streets tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st. From “Polka Face”, which finds Weird Al doing Lady Gaga Polka style, to the hard rock of “CNA”, Weird Al Yankovic still gets laughs. Having met him in a shopping mall in Minnesota, in person he is very bizarre. I asked him where his next destination was. His answer was Iowa. There is no way of knowing how he really is. “Skipper Dan” tells a story of performing arts, but ending up as stand up comedian for a living on the low end. “Craigslist” even if you do not use it is funny regardless.

“Another Tattoo” is spectacular even if it seems ridiculous, and is Weird Al in his finest form. This is one of the best songs here. “Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me” is just going to make you roll on the floor if you receive messages such as these. “Perform This Way” is a song about a brilliant young talent being informed how to reach superstardom. “Ringtone” bemoans purchasing an awful ringtone even if it exaggerates quite a bit. That is part of the humor in it.

“If That Isn’t Love” is Weird Al’s version of devotion. It’s a strange world but there is a place for it. I’m still laughing at it after many years. “Whatever You Like” is a parody song of the same title. Bad economic times is the theme. “Party in The CIA” is Weird Al replacing CIA instead of USA. Here he has fun with law and order. “TMZ” is Weird Al’s celebrity media song. Although he has done similar, it’s still a pretty good song. I think Weird Al is still capable of Four star recordings. This delivers a solid four stars. Nothing more and nothing less

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