Pendragon: Progressive Rock Made in England

June 27, 2011

PendragonHailing from jolly old England, I only heard of Pengragon recently. Missing the chance to review them much sooner as the Internet is here and now, I thought an overview was necessary. The song “Your Black Heart” from the recent ‘Passion’ became my favorite from day one. Hearing is believing on this one. A Progressive Rock group, although making success harder, have chosen a creative mountain instead. It does seem as is this is the harder but much more satisfying way to go.

My recommendation is to start with ‘Passion’ if available and go from there. Easy to hear for a start is anything on YouTube under the search of Pendragon. There is a long list of material back to 1980. Some may find fault with a few releases,  but I find them all good to great. Partying with Pendragon is a great place to be in the long run. Nick Barrett is not a huge icon in music. Maybe this should change. A huge part of Pendragon, listen and learn.

Music has always been about marketability and hits. What we have here is just mind blowing talent that the mainstream can’t handle. Live with it. I am doing well thinking this way. Taking the road to the great unknown is the story of Pendragon. It is the road they have chosen. I like this road quite a bit. If you get a chance to grab Pendragon by the horns, by all means take it. The best music has to be searched for, most of the time.

Members of the group are: Nick Barrett (guitar, vocals), Clive Nolan (keyboards), Peter Gee (bass), and Scott Higham (drums). Hear their songs on YouTube. You will not be disappointed.

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