Selena Gomez and the Scene’s ‘When the Sun Goes Down’: A Review

June 28, 2011

Selena Gomez - When the Sun Goes DownNot only is Selena Gomez popular as Alex on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, she is to be noticed as a pretty big Pop Star in the music world. The latest ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ shows this. The songs are different sounding and there is a pretty good depth here. “Bang Bang Bang” is a snappy tune about new love smashing the memory of old love. “Who Says” is a catchy tune that has feel good lyrics to boost self esteem. “We Own the Night” has some pretty good sounding guitars and is a slick sounding, uplifting type of song. I like how is is not over produced as well.

“Hit the Lights” is a really good lose yourself in the music type of song to forget your troubles. “Whiplash” has a good beat without going overboard. The pulsing synthesizers don’t bury the song either. “That’s More Like It” is a “get on my good side” song that is pretty good. Appreciate me or hit the road pal. “Outlaw” shows Selena not trying too hard. She has a nice voice and does not choose to overdo. A bad boy over the edge of love song works pretty good here.

The title track had a pretty good beat and the sound does a good job of projecting a “let loose and party on the dance floor” mentality. “Middle of Nowhere” is a “battle to make it on my own” song that has a survival feel to it. “My Dilemma” is a “battle with yourself” type of love song. I like this one quite a bit. “Love You Like a Love Song” is a great mid-tempo song I really like. Pretty good synthesizers give this a cool summer sound.”Dices-Who Says-Spanish Version” is a nice latin flavored version of this song. This is easily a four star effort from Selena Gomez and the Scene. Available everywhere today.

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