Disney in Discussions With Johnny Depp For Pirates 5

July 7, 2011

Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office so far, much to Disney’s delight. Pirates is no doubt a hugely successful and lucrative franchise, one that Disney wishes to further capitalise on. So it should come as no surprise to anyone to learn of Disney’s plans for a fifth instalment, and that the script is well on its way to completion.

Johnny Depp is presently in discussions with Disney executives to appear once again in the high seas swashbuckler. Depp was luke warm about returning as Captain Jack Sparrow before the release of the last film, leading to reservations in many of his return. In earlier interviews on the subject Depp said that his return would depend upon the script and how strongly he felt about allowing some time to pass between films. But given the recently released ticket sales figures, he seems to have taken a u-turn and found renewed enthusiasm for his Pirate character.

It was Terry Rossio who was called in to begin work on the script back in January. Both Rossio and Jerry Bruckheimer are said to be in extensive and frequent meetings with Depp to get him to agree to the project. Let’s hope they don’t stoop as low as black mail. A rough copy of the script has already been shown to the Hollywood A-Lister, and word has it that he’s happy with it, so much so that he’s begun carving out a deal.

It’s worth noting that Depp has his hands full this year with The Lone Ranger, and he obviously doesn’t need the role in Pirates nearly as much as Disney and Bruckheimer want him for it. But you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll keep trying to lure him with feverish intent.

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