Pop Evil – ‘War of Angels’: A Review

July 9, 2011

Pop Evil - War of AngelsFrom the single released late last year “Last Man Standing” to the final track “Next Life”, Pop Evil makes a strong statement on their new release ‘War of Angels’. The band’s chosen name says it all. There is no attitude here, just an outside the mainstream mentality which is worth a listen. “Epitath” has some great edgy vocals that can be understood well. They will never get airplay like groups such as Linken Park and Nickelback, but I find this just as good. The music lover who chooses to venture out on gravel roads will find much to like here.

“Broken & Betrayed” features more powerful guitars and vocals. The guitars really crank without going overboard and the vocal sensibility is very impressive here. “Monster You Made” is a train wreck sort of song — a story of societal pressure attempting to change a relationship not working. “Let it Go” is a mid-tempo song, sounding mellower than the rest of the tracks. With the vocal capabilities here, it works well.

“Boss’s Daughter” and “Next Life” are the most Metal sounding songs on ‘War of Angels’. Maybe “Boss’s Daughter” sounds cliche, but their take on it is right on. “Daisy Chain” is a great “too hot to handle but best kind of train wreck” type of song. “Purple” features a really nice guitar sound that I find intriguing and more of those great vocals — a pretty good lost love song. “Black and Blue” is a “woman done me wrong song” and a pretty good heavier song. This is one of the best cuts on the release. Check out the guitars. “Next Life” is a great closer with an “I’ll do better next time” message. Four plus plus stars.

Pop Evil from Muskegon, Michigan are: Leigh Kakaty (lead vocals), Dylan Allison (drums), Dave Grahs (guitars), Tony Greve (guitars), and Matt DiRito (bass).

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