Sublime With Rome – ‘Yours Truly’: A Review

July 10, 2011

Sublime with Rome - Yours Truly


Sublime with Rome - Yours TrulyWith releases stacking to the moon, after a quick listen to Sublime With Rome’s new release ’Yours Truly’ I was definitely not disappointed. My first impression finds them less edgy and their new release seems more likely to have some major interest because of its “more accessible to the masses” Pop sound. This is not selling out in this case. Rome obviously has a more laid back reggae sound and less punk influences. None of this matters. I look at quality — not genres. The quality here is like a pot boiling over, it gets attention.

The single “Panic” is a fine start. “Only” shows right away that Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh as a rhythm section haven’t lost any groove. Rome Ramirez fits in this groove like a hand in glove. Reggae with mass appeal is apparent. Nice drums, or should I say stellar. “Lovers Rock”, with the latest sound and a Pop/Reggae groove oozing from the speakers, had me floating on a musical cloud. “Murdera” should find the Reggae dub enthusiasts dancing in the streets. Especially a great song if women have done you wrong.

“My World” has a vintage Sublime feel. “Paper Cuts” has guitar sounds like paper cuts to the ears, but it hurts so good! Short, not sweet — and LOUD! “PCH” and “Same Old Situation” features the more laid back acoustic sounds to be found on ‘Yours Truly’, and really showcases the amazing range of this release. Did I mention Rome is a GREAT singer? “Take it Or Leave It” I will definitely take. The song anyway. Nice guitars Rome.

“You Better Listen” is a plea to take my advice. Trust me on this one. “Spun” is another Pop/Reggae gem. Smooth like a freshly asphalted road. Check out the groovy affected guitars. “Can You Feel it” closes the release with no weakness to be found. Sublime has done the hard to do. Came back strong with a five star recording. Don’t miss out on this blockbuster release. Beat or equal this recording this year and I will show you a lot of love.

Sublime with Rome are: Rome Ramirez (guitar, vocals), Eric Wilson (bass), and Bud Gaugh (drums).

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2 Responses to Sublime With Rome – ‘Yours Truly’: A Review

  1. Destin on July 16, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    No it’s selling out, this is a pop album not a Sublime album. I bought this album because I thought it would sound like all the music Rome was covering and promoting and because I noticed the name Sublime on it and felt it would be pretty cool. It’s not even a good album.

  2. john on July 18, 2011 at 10:37 am

    No way this album is sick. I’ve been listening to sublime for almost 20 years and I gotta say its decent for all the pressure of they had coming up with something as good as 40oz to freedom or second hand smoke. I’m betting the next one will be way better.