Stream of Passion – ‘Darker Days’: A Review

July 12, 2011

Stream of Passion

By Kenneth E. Oquist

Stream of Passion - Darker DaysStream of Passion is a Progressive Metal band with a female lead vocalist. The first song “Lost” starts out immediately with symphonic ambience, intrigue and a totally unique sound. “Reborn” is more laid back, but not lazy. This band sucks you into the recording. You like cute hard rockin’ chicks, you should try this one on for size. “Collide” hits something, and it could very well be the side of your head. The intrigue of the sheer uniqueness of the group really shows here. Nice sound which cannot be explained until heard.

The hottie lead singer is Marcela Bovio. I had to know this. She also plays the violin. The symphonic “The Scarlet Mark” is a testament of the depth. Wow! I found myself saying this all through the recording. “Spark” shows Marcela playing the violin and sounding like ABBA. Nice depth and stunning talent. “Our Cause” is more Symphonic Metal. A real good reason to explore the great unknown in music is found here. Marcela’s sweet violin will tug at your heart strings. The title track pulls out all the stops. Unique is found here big time.

Give them a listen. You will not believe your ears. “Broken” is just astounding. I think this is my favorite song here. Great Metal guitars guys. “This Moment” is a hard to define song, but they all are. I like it though. Nice drums here. “Closer”  has more piano with Metal sounds. It’s as good as ever here. Delicate power is the sound. “The Mirror” has a bizarre sound I like big time. One of the best songs. “Nadie Lo Ve” has more piano sounds, which are found frequently on this recording. Marcela’s great vocals shine here. “The World is Ours” features more stellar piano. Yes, the sound is unusual. Again, not a problem. “The Hunt” finishes with ABBA meets Metallica. I like this too much to complain. Four and a half stars and a big kiss for Marcela.

Stream of Passion are:  Marcela Bovio (vocals, violin), Erik Hazebroek (lead/rhythm guitars),  Stephan Shultz (lead/rhythm guitars), Johan van Stratum (bass), Jeffrey Revet (keyboards, piano), and Martijn Peters (drums).

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