Unearth – ‘Darkness in the Light’: A Review

July 12, 2011

Unearth - Darkness in the LightFrom the first song “Arise the War Cry” this isn’t for anyone less than the Hardcore music fan. This is “no compromise for anyone” music. In spite of this, I find it far more listenable than most. The lyrics are growled out, but not in an unpleasant way. The songs are fast and furious. No slow Death Metal here, as this is all passing lane. “Coming Out of the Dark” is a fine example of this. “Disillusion” continues in the similar vein. If you did not know, Massachusetts is a hotbed of Hardcore.

“Equinox” with the piano intro is a nice surprise. It shows Unearth’s musical capability. Not just thrashing to thrash. “Eyes of Black” could very well be about your ex. “The Fallen” has some excellent guitar on it. The drums are boom-bippity-boom as usual. “Last Wish” has some more interesting guitar sounds. Loud ones of course. “Overcome” finds more push it to the limit Hardcore. More great Hardcore guitar sounds are found on this song.┬áThe radio will not hear any hits. I don’t either, but I was not looking for them here. This is an interesting journey, not a hit machine.

“Ruination of the Lost” is a funny song title. I love the edgy song titles. Some I cannot mention. How can you ruin the already down? One of my favorites here, for sure. “Shadows in the Light” emits aura of the whole release with the “light is dark” theme and another strong track for Hardcore fans. “Watch it Burn” finishes with a drum explosion. This would work nicely on BBCs mega loud show. Nice finish. Me likey. Three and three quarter stars.

Unearth are: Buz McGrath (guitars), Trevor Phipps (vocals), Ken Susi (guitars, backing vocals), John “Slo” Maggard (bass), and Justin Foley (drums)

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