Colbie Caillat – ‘All Of You’: A Review

July 13, 2011

Colbie Caillat - All of YouThings get going right away with the beat driven “Brighter Than the Sun”, one of the best on Colbie Caillat’s new release All of You. Establishing herself as an Adult Contemporary artist with her unique and breezy California Pop sound, the third release is showing her ability to continue to produce really good songs. “I Do” is a good single. I like the percussion here.”Before I Let You Go” is a breezy goodbye song. “Favorite Song” does not work very well. The intermittent rap is not suited for her style. It could be due to a number crunching moron saying it would be a good idea.

“What If” has a light electric guitar sound that is a fine example of how good she is right now. “Shadow” has some more light, breezy electric guitars. A dark lonely song none the less. “Think Good Thoughts” is more upbeat and something Colbie is so good at. This one lifts up your mood like a cool breeze. “Like Yesterday” is a “heavy heart that was overcome” type of song. The title song “All Of You” has the great Colbie sound we expect.

“Dream Life, Life” finds Colbie carrying you away to a dreamy cloud you can’t resist. “What Means the Most” is a “hurry up world I need time to think” kind of song. “Make it Rain” is a plea for beneficial rain to wash over the land, one of the mellowest and a really good song as well. Finishing with a really nice beat is the song “Stereo”. One of the wires in my headphones must have a short. I don’t have love in stereo like Colbie is singing about. Kidding aside this is a nice finish on a four star recording.

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