Incubus – ‘If Not Now, When?’: A Review

July 15, 2011

Incubus - 'If Not Now, When?'The title track on Incubus’ new release asks the question “If Not Now, When?” The mid-tempo song pretty much states that now is the right time. “Adolescents” has a nice Alternative Rock sound with catchy guitars, and I like the drum beat on on this track as well. “Defiance” has an acoustic sound which sounds different than some of the others. “Friends and Lovers” has a lilting beat with a zoom sound. Mellow Alternative Rock guitars wash in the background and it’s another of several strong cuts. The long song “In the Company of Wolves” plugs along in mid-tempo and finishes with some boiling guitars that really finish this track strong.

“Isadore” starts out with a nice guitar and kicks in with a booming drum I like. There is some nice lead guitar in the second half of the song. “The Original” starts out with easy percussion and great Alternative Rock guitars. The percussion really gets going and more excellent lead guitar is found in the second half of the song. “Promises, Promises” is another mid-tempo song which Incubus performs so well on this release.

“Switchblade” has a heavier Alternative Rock sound with some of the best guitars and drums to be found on the release. This is one of the best songs. “Thieves” is also a high point with awesome guitars. This is my favorite song of all of them. A great beat is also found here. “Tomorrows Food” is cool and breezy with a nice mellow sound, a song about the here and now and not looking back. I like the strange and interesting ending. Four plus stars for Incubus.

Incubus is: Brandon Boyd (lead vocals), Mike Einzinger (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ben Kenney (bass guitar/backing vocals), Chris Kilmore (turntables/keyboards), and Jose Pasillas II (drums).

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