Yes – ‘Fly From Here’: A Review

July 15, 2011

Yes - Fly From HereStarting out with “Fly From Here-Overture” it’s Yes alright. How often is this enough? Let’s find out. There is alot to this introduction song for the length. “Fly From Here Part I-We Can Fly” is a pretty marvelous and timeless song. Yes always has achieved that. “Fly From Here-Part II-Sad Day at The Airfield” is an excellent Acoustic Rock song. “Fly From Here-Part III-Madman at the Screens” is another Rock tune and an example of how this whole five-part song really works well. Fly From Here-Part IV-A Bumpy Ride” is a nifty instrumental. “Fly From Here-Part V-Reprise” sums it up in quick time.

Another great Acoustic Rock song about changing for someone for a reason, “Life on a Film Set” is probably the most Yes sounding song on here. “Hour of Need” is another pretty good acoustic guitar song. There are some really fine electric guitars on this recording as a whole, but the acoustic guitar is what really shines on the release. The acoustic instrumental¬†”Solitaire”¬†really shows this.

The last song “Into the Storm” is so Yes. This track seems to bog things down a bit. It is a good but not great last song and probably about the only weakness on here. Four stars by the skin of their teeth. Yes really never does anything bad. This is no exception. Benoit David is on lead vocals. Is it Yes without Jon Anderson? You be the judge.

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One Response to Yes – ‘Fly From Here’: A Review

  1. Yes-canada on July 17, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    The last 2 miniutes of “Into the Storm” may be the best indication that Yes is back.