Cheryl Cole Cast In ‘Street Fighter: The Musical’

July 20, 2011

Cheryl Cole Cast In 'Street Fighter: The Musical'The Big Screen can now reveal that Cheryl Cole has been cast in a musical reworking of 1994′s Street Fighter.

Despite the fact that a director is still to be named and the script not yet written, Cheryl Cole has signed on to play the role of megalomaniac General M. Bison.

Following a stuttering few months in her media career and her lack of success in making a name for herself in America, Cole has been looking for a new direction and is eager to press on. Although the musical is seemingly lodged in the mire of pre-production limbo, the Girls Aloud star has already begun rehearsals and has had a costume designed specifically for the role.

The lack of music and lyrics have not deterred her in her preparations. The face of L’Oreal has been writing a number of songs herself in the hope they may be used. Whilst no recordings of the songs are yet to exist, working titles released by a spokesman for the singer include “Finish Him (Killing Him Swiftly)”, “Perfect (K.O!)” and a reworking of “It Ain’t Easy Being Green (A Ballad for Blanka)”.

The Big Screen is excited to release this photo of the M. Bison costume during a rehearsal and the similarity to Julia’s 1994 costume can only please fanboys.

Larry McCloskey is a writer for The Big Screen as well as a contributing author to A&E Playground.

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