They Might Be Giants – ‘Join Us’: A Review

July 22, 2011

They Might Be Giants - Join UsIf you have already heard enough great music this year do not listen to this. They Might Be Giants’ new release Join Us is quirky off the wall fun. Amazon has this for only $4. Utilizing many different song styles, They Might be Giants are not stale. Not by a long shot. “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” and “You Must Get That Alot” is quirky Alternative Rock and quite funky at that. “Old Pine Box” is an acoustic song that is less quirky than some of the other songs. “Canajoharie” is more marvelous Alternative Rock with a groovy sound. Really nice and one of the best. “Cloisonne” has quite a bizarre sound, but does so in a very  unique way. Radio may actually find most of the songs too strange or too short. Don’t let any of this keep you away.

“Let Your Hair Down” has a Rock guitar sound, on a release that is stylistically all over the map. ”Celebration” is an Alternative Pop song with an excellent beat.”In Fact” is a Jazz influenced Alternative song with analogue drum sounds. “When Will You Die” makes the statement, “you obnoxious boob take a dirt nap.” “Protagonist” features some unusual but very compelling background vocals on this acoustic song. “Judy is Your Vietnam” is a short Alternative Rock song with some excellent drum machines. “Never Knew Love” has a mostly synth pop sound and more great drum sounds

“Lady and the Tiger” is one of the funkier songs. I like this one quite a bit.”Spoiler Alert” is a simple song that is kind of just there. I like the flute at the end. ”Dog Walker” is a very funky Alternative Rock song. It is one of the best songs here. “2082″ is about the future and a reference to the year. “Three Might Be Duende” is a funky acoustic song with a low down vocal sound. “You Don’t Like Me” finds the lyrics moaning about stupid things a chick likes more than him. I find this a four and a half star compelling listen. 18 songs for $4 on Amazon is a nice price. The group is two John’s, John Linnell and John Flansburgh. You guys Rock!

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