Amy Winehouse Dead at Age 27

July 23, 2011
Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Award winning British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead today in her London apartment. She was only 27 years of age. Police are treating the cause of death as unexplained.

Winehouse was known for her powerful contralto vocals as well as her eclectic blending of different music genres, which included R&B, Soul and Jazz.

Over the course of her short career, which began in 2003, the young singer has had a troubled private life. She has had extensive media attention since 2007 relating to mental health issues and alcohol and drug abuse. In 2008, she suffered a series of health complications that threatened not only her life, but her career.

Her first album, Frank (2003) was a huge success in the UK and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. This was followed by the release of her follow up album Back to Black (2006) which lead to six Grammy Award Nominations and five wins, making her the first British singer to win five Grammy’s. In 2007, she won the Brit Award for best British female artist. She had won the Ivor Novello three times, once in 2004, then in 2007 and 2008.

There had been growing fears for the young singer since her disastrous Belgrade concert last month. She was unable to perform on stage due to being under the influence and had to abandon the concert. She was then booed off the stage by fans.

Her mother Janis said in an interview, three years ago she would not have been surprised if her daughter died before her time. She said, “I’ve known for a long time that my daughter has her problems. But seeing it on screen rammed it home. I realise my daughter could be dead within the year. We’re watching her kill herself slowly.”

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One Response to Amy Winehouse Dead at Age 27

  1. George Vreeland Hill on July 23, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    The end of a sad life.
    What a shame.
    Amy’s problems overcame her talent.
    Some people slowly kill themselves.
    It seems that was the case here.
    Really, it did not have to happen.
    Amy had a lot of yes men around her when she should have had people who said no.
    Lindsay Lohan needs to take notice of what happened to Amy Winehouse.

    George Vreeland Hill.