3 Doors Down – ‘Time Of My Life’: A Review

July 26, 2011

3 Doors Down - Time of My LifeThe title track on 3 Doors Down’s new release Time Of My Life shows the band having fun. Nice introduction with some cool sounds. 3 Doors Down is indeed one of the best Alternative Rock bands on the scene today, and deservingly so. A need to escape is going to happen to all of us. Slipping away from society madness is necessary at times. 3 Doors Down knows this.

On the lighter side is the mellow “Heaven” showing they are not one dimentional. Nice change of pace here. “When You’re Young” has some slow parts as well. “What’s Left” is another track with some really good mellow parts that still rocks, the kind of song they do so well on this release. “She is Love” has some nice percussion on a Pop/Rock sounding song that really gets going towards the end. This song has a nice buildup. “Back to Me” is a mid-tempo song that also rocks toward the end. They do this well on most of the songs. Not just loud Alternative Rock. There is a nice depth across the board.

“Believer” is a fast paced song for the rockers. This is a snappy tune, with some nice lead guitar. “Every Time You Go” mostly rocks with a little bit of mellow. A good “sad without you” song. “Race For the Sun” is a mid-tempo rocker and one of the better songs. “Round and Round” has a guitar sound I like and a bright sounding rocker. Nothing is not good here. Four star effort from 3 Doors Down.

3 Doors Down are: Brad Arnold (lead vocals), Matt Roberts (lead guitar/backing vocals), Chris Henderson (rhythm guitar), Todd Harrell (bass), Greg Upchurch (drums percussion/backing vocals)

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