Falling in Reverse – ‘The Drug in Me is You’: A Review

July 27, 2011

Falling in Reverse - The Drug in Me is YouThe new release from Falling in Reverse ‘The Drug in Me is You sounds like Hardcore and Pop crashed together to become Hardcore Pop. Does this mean a Hardcore sound smoothed over? Not a chance. It simply means there are Pop sounds on a Hardcore recording. Much like Nine Inch Nails created the genre Industrial Rock, Falling in Reverse has created a unique sound, at least for this release. “Raised By Wolves” starts out  the recording creating an instant blast of ground breaking sound. “Tragic Magic” has keyboards that are not supposed to be on Hardcore. The catchy la la la’s on the chorus do not either.

The title track is catchy and not too heavy. “I’m Not a Vampire” is an on the edge, out of control, but only today kind of song. “Good Girls Bad Guys” states “why do good girls fall in love with me.” Maybe it’s the guitars and lifestyle. How often do women fall for a janitor that writes music reviews? “Pick Up the Phone” has a nice bass guitar intro. The lyrics plead to make a voice connection with a chick. “Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards” has hardcore growling in it and is one of the most Hardcore songs here.

“Sink or Swim” has some more Hardcore screaming in it. It also has a drum machine and Pop sounds toward the end. “Caught Like a Fly” sounds like a Hardcore carnival. I like this one a lot. “Goodbye Graceful” Is another more Hardcore sounding song. “The Westerner” finishes the recording with the Hardcore Pop sound found on many of the songs. Four stars for this recording. Falling in Reverse are: Ronnie Radke (vocals), Jacky Casey Vincent (guitar/vocals), Derek Jones (guitar) Mika Kazuo Horiuchi (bass/vocals), and Ryan Seaman (drums).

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