Eric Church – ‘Chief’: A Review

July 30, 2011

Eric Church - ChiefEric Church wanted to do something different while the short window of opportunity to be heard was open. There are indeed a few pushing the envelope songs here. ” Creepin’” has a nice dobro sound on it and the beat is pretty nice. “Drink in My Hand” is more mainstream Country subject drinking music. In spite of this, it’s still a pretty good song. “Keep On” has a “ditch him and get with me” mentality. “Like Jesus Does” features acoustic guitars with some pretty good sounding effects. A pretty good “she and Jesus love me” type of song. After all, his last name isn’t Church for nothing.

“Hungover & Hardup” is another business as usual country song, but it’s a nice mid-tempo song. “Homeboy” is a gangsta’ Country song. This works pretty well for such an unusual marriage of ideas. “Country Music Jesus” compares Jesus as a Savior to the next huge country star. A bold and intriguing idea. “Jack Daniels” is a bare bones song with a minimal but effective beat. I like the loose feel to this one.

“Springsteen” is an obvious tribute to the Boss. A straight forward mid-tempo song that works pretty well. “I’m Gettin’ Stoned” She got a rock so I’m getting stoned. I used to feel this way. These days I don’t care so much. I’ll wave the silly goose goodbye. On “Over When it’s Over” it seems that it is more over than not. The more radical tunes on here make this deserving of four stars for not just sounding like everybody else.

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