The Horrors – ‘Skying’: A Review

August 11, 2011

The Horrors - SkyingIf a droning sound reminiscent of early Psychedelic Furs appeals to you, The Horrors new release Skying is for you. There are a few exceptions, but drone is the emphasis. “Dive In” is a good example of this. I like the drum beat on this track in particular, although the drums are excellent throughout the entire release. “Endless Blue” has nice drums too, but the droning guitar sound is what makes this go. “Changing the Rain” has more great percussion and a pleasant ambience. “Monica Gems” has an unusual beat which really stands out. The guitar drone is quite interesting here as well.

“Moving Further Away” has some more good percussion. Although long, it stays interesting throughout. Most notable in the guitar sound past the middle. “Oceans Burning” is a short song with some nice mellow electric guitar combined with a droning lead guitar boiling. “Still Life” has a real good mid-tempo beat that keeps it chugging along. The keyboards will kind of grow on you as well.

“Wild Eyed” features a very nice lilting beat. “You Said” has an excellent keyboard sound and I found myself liking this song the best. “I Can See through You” has a tougher keyboard and droning guitar sound. The keyboards really sneak up on you. I find this sound really quite intriguing. I will give this four and a quarter stars. The Horrors are: Faris Badwan (vocals), Joshua Hayward (guitar), Tim Cowan (synthesizer/bass), Rhys Webb (bass/organs), and Joseph Spurgeon (drums). The band hails from England.

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